Execute Intelligent Actions

Building your Dreams

What if you could not fail? What would you do?

Fear of Failure is a major obstacle. It could be a wall made of steel or paper. Your “feelings” make that determination for you. The Universe Rewards Action, so make your actions count.



Building a Dream into a Reality is Not Easy and often Scary. It is Easy to become discouraged when problems, difficulties and challenges occur. But without them – there is not growth. Without practice, your talents don’t get better. Without training and challenging exercise, your muscles don’t get stronger. So, with the right attitude – Failure leads to Growth and Success.


What is/are Your Dreams? Begin by writing it down. Now, let’s make your Dream come true. Make your dream into a story. Place yourself into the future – having achieved your dream. Describe exactly how you feel – make it as detailed as possible. Add how you know if you’ve accomplished your dream. Make certain you state when it will be achieved. Most importantly, read about your future daily.


“Those Who Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail”


Planning Begins with Visualizing Your Desired Outcome. Use the details in your Dream Story. Planning is like creating a map for a road trip. There are probably several ways of getting there. And, each option will have different strengths and weaknesses. First, you have to figure out the different ways of getting there. Then, you evaluate the different routes and select the best route for you.


Figuring out how to achieve your dream, can be a challenge. So, a great approach is to get insight from someone that has already reached your goal and create a similar map that works for you. You should make use of the “Intelligent Tools” below to help you.


Now that you have a map, you need to customize it specifically for you. So, in your plan, you will divide it into smaller parts. Each part becomes a mini goal and with each goal it must be specifically stated. It must have a specific way to know that you have completed the goal. And it must have a deadline for completion. If it takes longer than a week to complete the goal, it should be divided again.


Plan then Do vs Do then Plan

People are different. Some want to get started immediately and figure things out along the way. Others are ok with planning first, then executing actions. However, most people are somewhere in the middle. Remember, one of the habits of a successful person is planning. So, at a minimum, take the time to plan at a high-level – having monthly goals instead of weekly goals. Remember; expect challenges – obstacles and even delays. Just keep focused on your Dream Story, Your Plan and Your Action

Analyze Your Outcome and Adjust Your Plans and Action


These tools provide resources to help you make educated choices.

Intelligent Tools

  • Use Technology Tools for Research: Search Engines, Specialty Websites (Industry, Organizational, Government, etc), Blogs – Information at Your Fingertips
  • Use Publications: Books, Magazines, Trade Journals, Research Publications, etc. – The Wisdom of Experts
  • Use People Tools: Role-Model, Coach, Spirit-Team, Advisors, Peers – Capitalize on the Power of Asking
  • Your Personal Services: Volunteer, Intern, Work – On the Job Success Training
  • Use Organizational Tools: Planners, Task Managers, etc.
  • Use Visual Tools: Create a Vision Board with visual reminders of your Dream, your Affirmations – Your Future