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Who Are We

We are Emotional Beings! We are Self-Oriented! We want Easy. We want Fun. We want Freedom. We want Attention. We want Friends. We want Love and to be Loved. And We want Now!

When these do not happen, we Adapt. Adaptation is not a conscious effort. How we adapt depends on many factors: our genetics, our environment, our current psychology. However, whatever happens is meant to protect us – no and in the future – or help us achieve some internal goal.

This self-preservation mechanism is not logical. These adaptations modify our perspective, our behaviors, our actions and our beliefs. It is not planned and it does not have an off switch.

Who We Are can Evolve and Change with the Correct Stimuli

Stride 1: Who Am I?
In three words, answer the question Who Are You?

Next, for each word write one paragraph explaining why you selected it.

Finally, answer the question “How did you become the way you are?”

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