Develop your Higher-Self

Who Are We?

We are Emotional Beings! We are Self-Oriented: We want Easy. We want Fun.  We want Freedom. We want Attention. We want Friends. We Want Love and to be Love. And We Want Now!

When these do not happen, we Adapt. Adaptation is not a conscious effort. How we adapt depends on many factors: our genetics, our environment, our current psychology. However, whatever happens is meant to protect us – now and in the future – or help us achieve some internal goal.

This self-preservation mechanism is not logical. These adaptations modify our perspective, our behaviors, our actions and our beliefs. It is not planned and it does not have an off switch.

Who We Are can Evolve and Change with the Correct Stimuli

Who Am I – Now?

The stimuli for change or staying the same exist in Our Feelings. Our Feelings drive: our actions, our reactions and our needs. Environmental stimuli encourage certain feelings and leads to certain actions. Stimuli can be positive or negative, depending on our perspective.

Our Feelings greatly impact our perspective. They tell us about ourselves and how we see the world. The biggest influence to our feelings is the people in our lives. Our family, our friends and many others influence our feelings. They influence our habits, our needs, our desires, our values, our work ethics, our expectations of self and our expectations of others. Therefore, having a positive environment is critical and very, very difficult.

We must actively influence our environment. We cannot control every aspect, but we can begin by learning to understand the people in our environment. We must decide if they are a positive influence. If not, we must mentally distance our feelings and remove ourselves from their influence. It is critical to surround ourselves with positive and supporting friends.

If we desire to be successful, we must understand ourselves – our strengths and weaknesses. These are typically connected to our feelings. If we feel we are good at something or enjoy doing it, it becomes a strength and we get better because we feel good doing it. We then compare our present traits to the traits of the very successful people. This leads to a prioritized list.

Compare your Current Traits to the Traits of Very Successful People

With insight into ourselves, we can compare our current strengths to those of successful people. The result of this comparison is a listing of the areas we focus on to improve our higher-selves and greatly increase our likelihood of success.


Creating A Better You! – Create the You; You Want

Right now, you are a product of your environment and the people that are currently or have been in your life. You are not of your own making – your habits, your feelings, your desires and your pre-conceived personal limitations are not of your creation.

Decide on a Better You! Decide to become the person of your creation.

Having taken the survey, you know your limiting behaviors and feelings. You know which people support you and which people hinder your growth. Decide! Decide to modify your existing habits to be more supportive of happiness you define.

Start by writing down exactly what you will improve.  Visualize the new you, the new person with the new habit. Visualize how great you will feel and imagine the new pride growing inside of you. Translate your improvements into affirmations and exercise your affirmations, through visualizations and consistent action.

Read your affirmations daily! Visualize the New You!

Do this for 30 days and the New Habit will be a part of the New You!