Embrace your Empowering People

Our family, our friends and many others influence have a dramatic impact on actions, reactions and our feelings. They influence our habits, our needs, our desires, our values, our work ethics, our expectations of self and our expectations of others. Surrounding yourself with empowering people is the single greatest determine success factors on average.

A highly successful company is successful because of the people. A very successful sports team is successful for the same reason. In each case, having the right people on the team in planned roles is paramount.

Here are the key roles for your Empowering People:

Get a Role-Model: Ideally, this person has achieved a goal very similar and is willing to serve as your mentor.

Get a Coach: Ideally, your coach will be your role-model. But, this individual could be a wise, successful person that will ask you the right questions – to keep you “Moving Forward.”

Get Advisors: Advisors will have special knowledge in areas key to helping you reach your goal

Get a Success Peers: These individuals are pursuing their dreams is an educated way. They can have very different dreams, as long as they – like you – are committed to Execute Intelligent Actions. Your Success Peers are more important than any other type of empowering person. These individuals will keep you motivated, have solutions to challenges and hold you accountable. Ideally, everyone on the team brings a special, useful talent and forward-thinking perspective.

Empowering People Make the Journey Rewarding.

Treat them as Best Friends – Because They Will Be!